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Video Game

Our Work

Enter into the world of Games. Let us take you through our journey so far.

Metaverse | NFT | Land | FPS

It may interest you that we are one of the members of the highly skilled team of the TCG world which is the largest open-world Metaverse NFT platform where users can own and trade lands.. It is an MMO game and we have created, environments, characters, levels, map/terrain 3D objects, land purchase etc.

MMORPG | Multi Player

This is a Anime Style MMORPG game. In this game, the user dons stylish alien character in myriad scenes with beautiful magical elements. Players can play with stylish alien character in many scenes with beautiful magical elements & fight bloody battles with the team members, use elements to restrain the weakness of monsters.

EDTech Game 

One of our successful projects was designed to cater  medical education- In this game, the user is shown as a character, allowed to walk through avenue in which he/she gets to watch videos for different kinds of sickness/health issues. Our virtuosos have beautifully created avatars, a marvelous virtual environment for doctors/patients/medical students to experience journeys.

Healthcare Metaverse

In this virtual set up, there will be hospitals, doctors, patients, nurses, medical stores wherein real life interactions can be done, orders can me made on the medical stores (the medicines shall be delivered at home), wannabe doctors can learn, patients can know their health problems and their solutions in detail.


My experience was great and I'd highly recommend this individual for your unity tasks

Tyler Shavalier, CEO BitFins LLC

Amazing work. We will be working with him over the next many years.

Dr. Paul Waraich, CEO- ClearMind

"Great  developer. Would recommend and will work with again. Trustworthy. Thanks for all your help."

Basem,  CEO Cancerlight

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